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2012 in Publishing

Dean Wesley Smith, a writer with thirty years experience who has been, a traditionally published author, a small press publisher, and an indie author, has some preliminary but insightful thoughts on the year in publishing. The New World of Publishing: … Continue reading

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Self-Publishers Aren’t Killing The Industry, They’re Saving It

Another fantastic article on self-publishing by the inestimable David Gaughran. Among many good points, he notes that common indie eBook prices of $2.99-$4.99, far from being unprecedentedly low, are, adjusted for inflation, in line with historical prices for paperbacks prior … Continue reading

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Faster-than-light travel?

As a sci-fi author, FTL is a matter of no small importance to me, and it is not as farfetched as you might think. NASA scientists are looking at a conceptual, but plausible form of faster-than-light travel RIGHT NOW. While … Continue reading

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Writing Productivity Tips from Kevin Anderson

In time for National Novel Writing Month, here are a couple of matter-of-fact points of advice from author Kevin J. Anderson: Productivity Tips for NaNoWriMo  

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