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Fantasy Trader is an in-development game blending the Fantasy RPG and Trading genres. Players will be able to explore, take on quests, buy and sell goods and businesses, and build a trading empire from the profits of their adventures. Imagine Port Royale, the Patrician Series, or Sid Meier’s Pirates with a much larger role-playing adventure element, and you can get something of the feel.

Fantasy Trader is currently in pre-Alpha prototype development using the RPG Maker game engine.

Here are some of the planned features for Fantasy Trader:

* Classic RPG adventures, including character classes, building a party, quests, dungeon crawls, and long-term storylines

* Complete, fully explorable world map

* Multiple towns with merchant shops, inns, crafting shops, raw material businesses, residences, warehouses, and more. All buildings will be explorable by the player.

* Economic system based on supply and demand



Anthony Gills, Designer



Donny Nguyen, aka Mr. Bubble, for licensing of the Tactics Ogre PSP Crafting System

Galv, for use of the Multiple Storage Containers and Move Route Extras scripts

Tsukihime, for use of the Large Choices and Global Events scripts




The development of Fantasy Trader is progressing in several distinct stages:

I. Game Engine

A. Creation of a small testing map, featuring two towns
B. Script development and testing to adapt the RPG Maker engine to the Fantasy Trader economic model
C. Addition of each new economic component as the previous one is perfected
D. Alpha Testing of the engine

II. Demo Game Development

A. Creation of a larger map with multiple towns – an island continent that will part of the full game map
B. Implementation of adventure elements and storyline
C. Further script development as needed
D. Alpha testing of the demo

III. Demo Beta Testing

A. Public release of the demo as freeware
B. Active encouragement of users to look for exploits, bugs, and other ways to “break” the game
C. Request feedback and engage the user community
D. Correct bugs and game exploits based on user feedback
E. Improve playability and entertainment value of the game based on user feedback

IV. Commercial Development

A. Creation of full size world with multiple maps, inclusive of the beta map
B. Development of multiple macro storylines
C. Alpha testing of the full game
D. Limited beta release
E. Correct bugs and game exploits based on beta tester feedback
F. Improve playability and entertainment value of the game based on user feedback
G. Final pre-release testing
H. Commercial release

I’m currently in I.(C). Though I plan to do as much of the work myself as possible, this project will inevitably require help. If you’d be interested in joining the development team on a part-time, as-you-can basis, please contact me via the contact form on this site, or via my profile on the RPG Maker forums.

Development team members will get design credit, marketing support for their own projects, and depending on the scale of the work, direct consulting / contract compensation. Specifics to be negotiated in each case.

Much, much more info is to come, including a Developer’s page and an online design document.



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