Book Review: Taming Fire

Taming Fire, by Aaron Pogue
The Dragonprince’s Legacy, Book 1
Originally Reviewed 2015/08/16 on

More dragons, please.

I’m not usually fan of first person narrative, but I made an exception here. The hero has the usual fantasy protagonist start as a poor boy in a small village, but he had the unusual touches of sufficient skill with swordplay to teach other boys in his home, and he knew a spell. That kept me going until the wise old wizard appeared to declare him the chosen one.

At that point, I groaned and nearly stopped reading. I’m glad I pressed on.

The story quickly turned from the standard path, when the hero’s home kingdom proved to have hints of complex and internally-driven politics that didn’t have any particular place for a chosen one. The wizard’s plan fell apart, but he pressed on anyway. There were hints of some reason why the hero’s father was well-known, and executed for merely stealing a loaf of bread, and I sorely hope they are developed in the next book. From there, the plot threatened to turn into a Harry Potter tale of the young outcast at the magic academy, but that went in fresh directions as well. The antagonists at the academy were, unfortunately, standard black-clad baddies, but they too had hints of complexity and motives of their own.

Where things really got interesting was the introduction of Vechernyvetr the dragon, who was like a breath of fresh air, or rather fire, and he instantly became my favorite character. More of him, and his kind, and I’m sure there will be, will keep things fun in later books.

I’ll leave off further spoilers, but from Vechernyvetr’s arrival things really pick up, and force the hero into some dangerous, meaningful choices.

RATING: 7/10

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