Book Review: Trysmoon Book 2: Duty

Trysmoon Book 2: Duty, by Brian K. Fuller
The Trysmoon Saga
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A hero’s journey, with twists and turns.

Trysmoon Book 2 follows directly from the events of the first novel. Gen is now the trusted guardian of the Chalaine, and a hero to many. He’s also near death. It is hardly a spoiler to mention he survives, though with much help. A key revelation follows.

The first book played with traditional fantasy tropes in unexpected ways, and this one does much the same. The Ha’Ulrich, the chosen one of prophecy, continues to demonstrate what happens to a person raised with every conceivable indulgence, and no discipline. Hints continue to accumulate about the nature and origin of that prophecy. The evil god Mikkik is unusually clever for a fantasy villain, and even has a turn as a POV character. Gen himself is a twist on another fantasy convention… but that I’ll leave to the reader.

Much of the first half of the book is focused on preparation and character development. Gen gradually shakes off the dehumanized coldness inflicted on him by Shadan Khairn’s training. The young man beneath is sometimes disappointing, but believably human. His romantic life becomes complicated, though it moves largely in circles rather than forward. In particular, his relationship with the shallow, flighty Fenna seems forced. The slowly developing love triangle with the Chalaine and Mirelle has more power. This is the first time in fiction I’ve seen a love triangle with mother and daughter as (unintentional and largely unwitting) romantic rivals, and though odd, it didn’t disturb me the way it has some readers.

The pace picks up in the second half, as most of the main characters gather for their great mission to the marriage of the Ha’Ulrich and the Chalaine, and their prophetic destiny. I’ll avoid spoilers, but the vivid writing and strong characters carry the story through both action and stretches of quiet. When the climax arrives, many show their true natures.

On the whole, a strong, engaging story. Enough so that I continued directly on to Book 3.

RATING: 9/10

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