Book Review: Trysmoon Book 3: Hunted

Trysmoon Book 3: Hunted, by Brian K. Fuller
The Trysmoon Saga
Originally Reviewed Here.

Grim adventure, vivid characters. Slows in the second half.

Trysmoon Book 3 opens strongly, with Gen trapped, and all the main characters far from home and in grave danger. The story of their return is gripping and well told. The hardships they endure feel real, and the dangers are convincing. Perhaps the high point of the book for me was Gen accepting his abilities, though not his destiny, as the Ilch, and making very effective use of them at a key point.

As with Mikkik and Joranne in Book 2, the author gives us some insights into the motives and mindset of the villains, through the evil, yet fascinating Ghama Dhron and Sir Tornus. Athan emerges as a complex antagonist, with plausible motives for his ruthless methods. He isn’t remotely charming or sympathetic, but he is interesting. Among the protagonists, Gerand and Volney show solid character development, and it was good to see their friendship deepen with each other and with Gen. The Chalaine gradually begins to find her strength, as she struggles against the empty powerlessness of her title and position.

At mid-book, there is a startling twist. It is both unexpected and welcome, however potentially disastrous for the cause of the protagonists.

Alas, it proved a turning point for the worse. The latter book devolves into intrigue, an enormous amount of lying and deal-making by all parties, and an excessive use of capture and rescue as plot devices. The quality of the writing prevented what might have been tedium in another author’s hands. Even so, I think much could have been condensed without harming the story, and the series as a whole might have been better off in three books rather than four.

However, the larger implications of that are a subject for my review of Book 4.

RATING: 8/10

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