Barrett’s Bar Stories

Vic Barrett, Pappy to his friends, and for that matter, most of his enemies, is a two-fisted, hard-living sailor, traveler, soldier of fortune, and veteran of countless close calls.  He has had a long career filled with more adventure than most people could pack into one lifetime.  In fact, its not too clear how he has packed it into HIS lifetime.  Then again, he’s got a lot of friends who can vouch for his stories, well at least mostly.  And ya know what, he might spend most of his days at this bar, telling pups like you what he was up to all those years, but he’s got a few adventures in him yet!

Click below, pull up a stool, and order a drink…

The (thus far) collected Barrett’s Bar Stories are now assembled in handy eBook form! Includes the original short story “Fistful of $100s”!

Praise for Barrett’s Bar Stories:

“Most interesting man in the world? Eh, that guy’s got NOTHIN’ on Pappy Barrett! Especially when measured by blood alcohol content.” -Unbiased Source

“He still owes me money.” -Bar Owner, Cartagena, Colombia

“He say he was famous American rock star.” -Border guard, Central Asia

“Now I wish I’d accepted that beer from him.” -The ghost of Ayatollah Khomeini

“Grrr! Bite him again! Bite him again!” -A Wombat, Australian Outback

“He’s got a book? Aww crap…” -Old Drinking Buddy

“Uh sure, great um… book. Can I have my dollar now?” -Longtime fan

“Trust me, for 99 cents, ya can’t go wrong!” -Definitely NOT Pappy

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