Blood on Bronze

A world of magic. An age of bronze. A tale of vengeance

They kicked in his front door. They took his family and seized his business. Powerful and corrupt, they fear nothing from one young man. They underestimated him.

Arjun is a skilled bronze smith in Zakran, vast and wicked city of a thousand thousands. Things he never imagined are now in motion. When city guards smash into his home, he escapes into the blackness of the ghoul-haunted sewers.

Inina is a rogue, born to the streets. Dark-eyed and slender-waisted, she has survived by her wits, shady friends, and deadly skill with her knife. When she meets the strange young man with the rich but tattered clothes, her life changes forever.

Join them, and enter an ancient world of danger, deceit, bloodshed and sorcery.

Classic sword and sorcery - Now in a newly revised 2nd edition! eBook for sale on:

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