Editors and Beta Readers Page – up on my homepage

I have a basic editors and beta readers page up on AnthonyGillis.com with information on what I’m looking for and what benefits I’m offering beta readers. I’m a great believer in networking and cross-supporting fellow writers, editors, and others in the literary world, so the arrangement would be:

*Look for typos
*Find plot holes and continuity
*Give general impressions

The books will have already been through primary editing. The catch in my case is that I tend to have fast turnaround times on my writing and editing. I’ve published four books in as many months, none from a backlist, so I’d hope for the same sort of speed. On the other hand, it is purely voluntary, so any beta reader can opt out of any book they don’t have the time or interest to review.

In return, Beta Readers will get:

*A pre-pub copy of the book in whatever eBook format you prefer
*Credit in the book itself and on my site, with links
*Mention on Twitter and a blog post at publication
*For those who are aspiring editors, a reference and the right to put the work on your resume or CV.
*Space on the editors & beta readers page itself – a short bio plus links to a homepage and other profiles like Twitter.
*Possibly, guest-post ability on my blog. I’m considering the idea as it is a great way for writers and people in the literary world to support each other.
*A direct impact on the final form of the book, and my sincere gratitude

Email me at anthony@anthonygillis.com if it sounds interesting!

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