Liberty, Reality, and the Aristocracy of Graft

This may be difficult for those of us who’ve been fighting a long time, but is time to admit that pure libertarianism has been a complete failure. It hasn’t been implemented, and it won’t in our lifetimes. More to the point, it wouldn’t be good if it were. We don’t live in a world of interchangeable economic units, let alone freedom-loving ones, but of distinct nations, ideologies, cultures, sexes, and yes, races. Each has their own defining characteristics, built-in, and while there is always variation, they are never more than partially malleable. Any theoretical system that ignores this is doomed to failure in the real world.

There is also another factor, a power at work, and a very dangerous one. The limited free market reforms of the 1980s and 1990s were, to a great degree, co-opted by an emerging globalist, crony capitalist, or more accurately, corporatist elite. Instead of free markets, we now have an international Aristocracy of Graft, and it is consolidating its power by any and all means possible.

And then there is multiculturalism, which provides a convenient justification for many things. The Aristocracy of Graft benefits from low wages and labor mobility, yes, but they also benefit from a fragmented society, divided into mutually distrustful, manipulable ethnic blocs. Divide and conquer isn’t a new strategy, but its application against one’s own people, not conquered enemies, but one’s own people on such a scale might well be unprecedented.

Mass immigration supports multicultural division and conquest, but it also serves the even more cynical goal of replacing defiant native populations with presumably more pliable imports. Open borders and transnational institutions have produced a regime of simultaneous stagnant wages and stubborn unemployment which is very helpful if one is an employer, or a politician promising handouts. Our new multicultural societies also require ever more oppressive measures to keep everyone in line, much like empires, but directed internally instead of externally. Those measures are quite helpful in general, for those in power.

The Aristocracy of Graft has an interesting ally in their project. Across the West, the far Left found itself disappointed that the supposed ‘proletariat’ wasn’t really interested in their international revolution. Since that epiphany, they’ve turned openly against their own people, to all appearances bent on pure destruction.

The sheer venomous hatred of the Cultural Marxist wing of the left toward their own societies, as typified by Social Justice Warriors, provides one example. Feminists, whose gender war focuses almost exclusively on white men, is another. The media, in thrall to both Cultural Marxists and Feminists, is relentless in its hostility toward the same. The enthusiastic support the Left gives foreign invaders, particularly those with violently hostile worldviews, is perhaps the capstone of all the rest.

The Left is likely to fail, as they have before, through their own overreach, insanity and incompetence. But the Aristocracy of Graft might enjoy a long run of power. Or they might have, except they’ve made two crucial mistakes.

The first is they’ve simply moved too far too fast, particularly in the United States. Never before in the history of humanity have native populations faced immigration, or rather invasion on such a scale – not that was actively supported and orchestrated by their own leaders. The native populations have finally begun to notice.

The second is that the elite joined the Left in making common cause with Muslims, particularly in Europe. Islam is a coherent, in fact totalitarian ideological and cultural system that has sustained itself very effectively, if brutally, for 1400 years. It has been a consistent enemy of all other ways of life that entire time, expanding through conquest, colonization, and utterly ruthless slaughter. And the elites, the cynical, effete, secular, economically driven Aristocracy of Graft, together with their leftist allies, thought they could master and control such people.

The Muslims themselves intend the exact opposite result, and they’re more than willing to fight for it.

What is happening is nothing less than the systematic displacement and destruction of the European-descended populations of Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. Together with the direct slaughter occurring in South Africa they constitute a genocide – the white genocide. That term is naturally heavily loaded, and inevitably draws accusations of racism and the rest of the arsenal of hate-labels. Well, so what. They were never meant to do anything but silence disagreement. Better to stand by the truth than to kneel before a lie.

If liberty in any form is to survive, if we, the very creators of the concept of liberty are to survive, we need a cause beyond vague rhetoric and atomized economic activity. The futile history of the anarchistic American freeman movements, which have either turned on themselves, collapsed, or been crushed every single time, shows that liberty on its own is a fleeting and unreliable mobilizing force. But what then?

Religion might be for some. It certainly is for the Islamic enemy. However, Christianity by itself it hasn’t been a sufficient martial cause for centuries. And more, unlike totalitarian Islam, Christianity from its beginning lived in reasonable harmony side by side with other causes, other mobilizing forces. Loyalty to the political state is another cause, but it is a weak one by itself. After all, the state is only some collection of power-wielders, and the territory they happen to control.

There is another cause, older than any existing religion, and far older than any political state. One that recognizes the truth of human nature. We aren’t undifferentiated economic units, we aren’t, at least in general, asocial hermits, and we aren’t creatures of pure ideological abstraction. We’re beings of family, clan, tribe, nation and race – making distinctions, judgments and placing degrees of loyalty at every step. Centuries of universal ideologies, and decades of intense propaganda by the Left and its allies haven’t eliminated that. They can’t. They’re fighting against reality.

But they can eliminate us. And of late, we’ve been kneeling as the knife closed toward our necks.

If we are to survive, and with us our liberty, we need to accept and embrace the inescapable truth, and organize accordingly. Our enemies, our would-be destroyers, from far-left radicals to the cynical Aristocracy of Graft are all at war with reality to one degree or another. Those they’ve invited and enabled live closer to reality, but they are not us and their causes are not ours. Some are friendly, some might even stand with us, but others are our sworn enemies. If we want to survive in a world increasingly rigged against us, we must embrace a cause that has been purposefully, endlessly vilified, suppressed, and marginalized for three generations now.

Our cause. Nationalism, identity, loyalty to our own. Pride in who we are, what we are, and our astonishing, world-shaking accomplishments, without shame or guilt. We must rise, stand, and fight for our own and all that is ours, without hesitation. Our liberty, our civilization, all of our nations, and our very lives depend on it.

Our cause.

Will you rise?

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