Mercy of the Prophet: Book One

Talaos has swept aside all who opposed him, and brought unity to war-torn Hunyos. He has dared to claim the fallen title of Imperator, the first in six hundred years.

But his true enemy, the Living Prophet, has not been idle.

Danger grows in the world, and within himself. Gentle-mannered emissaries gather new followers in nearby lands. Hostile armies ride from the trackless plains, and traitors lie in wait at home. Three shades, the ghostly wills of his enemy’s mightiest servants, circle inside his very soul, severing him from the source of his power.

Yet the power Talaos now seeks is far greater. It demands choices that cannot be undone, at a price he cannot yet foresee.

The draft of Mercy of the Prophet is now finished, and with my editor! Hopefully should be up and available by early August.


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  1. Galeage says:

    Look forward to reading. Glad I check your site regularly.

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