The Storm’s Own Son: Book Three

The Storm’s Own Son: Book Three continues the epic Storm and Fire fantasy series!

By ruthless wit and bloodstained hand, Talaos has risen to the heights of power.

And yet, the dangers he faces are greater than ever. The war he has made his own is at a moment of decision, sharp as the edge of a blade. An army besieges the city he now calls home, and with it rides one of the personal emissaries of his true enemy, one of the Twelve Hands of the Living Prophet himself.

If he fails now, it will be the end… for him, and for everyone he has sworn to protect.

It went live on Amazon on October 13th, and in a week has rocketed to levels it took Book One a month to reach. As of this posting it is #2,807 overall on Amazon USA, and nearly the same in Germany and the UK. It is #1 in the Norse and Viking category.

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  1. Many thanks for creating The Storm

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