A Long-Awaited Update

In the days since I last revised this site and posted here, I’ve gone through a profound spiritual conversion. After a lifetime of atheism, I accepted God and was baptized into the Catholic Church in June of 2020.

I have two entirely new projects in the works. The first is a video project, posting Catholic content and commentary, including prayers. The second is editing various public-domain editions of classic Catholic works, especially the Church Fathers. Some of them are currently available in very low-quality e-book versions that look as if converted and posted without meaningful formatting or editing.

In addition, I’ll be revisiting my older fiction novels – some of which are profoundly un-Christian in their worldview and content. I won’t pull them from sale but will likely produce second editions… and we’ll see from there. Readers have asked for the conclusion of the Storm and Fire series, so there is much to be done.

Finally, I’ll give this site a basic redesign, including restoring links to my books and adding donation buttons for Patreon, SubscribeStar, PayPal and in time more.

God Bless.

Author: Anthony Gillis

Writer of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Digital Artist.

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